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racing to save lives BLOG

August 14, 2006

Title: Blue Cruise entry by: Rich

Last Saturday I participated in the charity ride sponsored by Blue Cross of Idaho called the “Blue Cruise”. I did the 50 mile ride along with one of my teammates, Camille. It was not a “race”, but a “ride”, but we still tried to push ourselves pretty hard.  We faced a killer headwind most of the ride and that made things much more difficult.  We got to ride in some groups with some fast riders and that was really FUN!  The last 5 miles we were really moving and it was great to see that I could keep-up with some more experienced riders.

That made me think of my goal for the race.  Since wind conditions can really change racing times, I’ve decided that instead of a time goal for the Tucson race, I will have a placement goal. So my goal for Tucson is to place in the top 450. That would put me well into the top 10%. Once again, thanks to everyone for their donations!  See the donation progress HERE.

racing to save lives BLOG


August 7, 2006

Title: Flat Tires entry by: Rich

We had another great team training ride on Saturday, except for the FLAT TIRES!  We did 50 miles, but we spent a lot of time dealing with flat tires, so it took us almost 4.5 hours!  I had 2 flats, someone else had a flat.  We started by needing to stop for a little bike maintenance, and we even had a chain come off.  I realized that an endurance event on a bike has much more to worry about than just “can I make it”. You also have to worry about “can my bike make it”!

I didn’t get a chance to see any of my “honored teammates” this week, so I hope they are all doing OK. Donations have started to come in and all I can say is “WOW”.  You are all so generous!  It is a little overwhelming and humbling to see such sincere giving and love. I’m just happy that I can have a small part in helping to raise funds for this fight against cancer. See the donation progress HERE.

You people are all so great!


August 2, 2006

Title: Glass, Headwinds & Childhood Cancer entry by: Rich
I did a solo ride of over 52 miles yesterday.  As I was riding, I came up with a great idea; when clerks in stores sell beer, they should ask the customers if they are planning to throw the empty containers out of their car windows. If they are planning to do this, then they should only sell them cans or plastic bottles, not glass bottles. It is AMAZING how many glass bottles are broken on the shoulders of roads.
I have a question; how can you ride in what is basically a big circle and still be facing a headwind 80% of the time?  Shouldn’t it be 50/50?
But seriously, there is something about childhood cancer that had never occurred to me before. Of course, all cancer is tragic, but when an adult gets cancer, they have already developed mentally and can then go about fighting the cancer. However, when a child gets cancer, many times their development is interrupted as they fight for their life.  Take Grant Pekuri, he was diagnosed with Leukemia when he was 7 years old and has been battling for 3 years. Those 3 years were incredibly important times for him to develop mentally.  While Grant is doing pretty good physically, he faces many challenges with his mental development.
It had never really occurred to me that a child faces this “dual” struggle when they are diagnosed with cancer.  We really need to do all we can to help the fight against cancer and maybe one day have a “cancer-free” society. Have you made a donation to my cause yet?  Thank you for your generosity.


July 30, 2006

Title: My First Entry entry by: Rich

I’ve been training for the El Tour de Tucson for about 6 weeks now, but this is my first BLOG entry. I feel very motivated and inspired to be riding for such a worthy cause. The team rode 50 miles yesterday and it felt great. Several weeks ago I decided to buy a new bike. It is an amazing difference from my OLD bike.

Right now, I’m trying to decide on my goal for the race. I was thinking 5.5 hours, but now I’m leaning toward 5 hours.  Based on last years results, that would put me in the top 450 (there were over 5000 entries last year).  But I will make that decision soon.

By the way, have you made a donation to my cause yet?  I would really appreciate ANYTHING that you can do.  DONATE HERE. Thank you for your help fighting cancer.

Next entry I want to write about the BIG difference that I see in childhood and adult leukemia.

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