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frequently asked questions...

Does your service take the place of accountants, lawyers and financial planners?

No, Daily Money Control works closely with any involved professionals to ensure your financial life is orderly and managed properly.

What are Daily Money Managers and how can they benefit me?

Daily Money Managers are professionals who provide personal financial management. Services include bill pay, organization, budgeting, negotiating with creditors and much more. Our services and expertise are broad, we understand that each individual, family or business has a different situation. We can tailor our services to meet your specific need.

How do you charge for your services?

Daily Money Control offers options; we have affordable hourly and monthly rates along with packages that allow bundling of our services.

If I hire a Daily Money Manager do I have to give up complete control of my finances?

No, when it comes to being involved in the process, you can be involved as you want to be. I understand that some people feel more comfortable taking an active role. My system is thorough; I provide a monthly report detailing all the transactions that took place.



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